JJ Clapton is a queer autistic writer of science fiction and fantasy in kidlit. Originally from London, she grew up retreating from life into the stories in her head. When she became sick with a chronic illness as a teen, she relied on the stories to help her escape.

JJ loves to write stories in which characters like her exist and have adventures even if she doesn’t get to have many herself. Apart from being an avid reader, she loves craft, watching sports and stimming to music. She now lives in Lanzarote where she enjoys meowing at all the local cats (of which there are many!).

She is represented by Megan Manzano at D4EO literary agency.

The Facts:

Name: JJ Clapton. Okay, so JJ is technically my initials but after trying and failing to get people to use it as a nickname as a kid I’m claiming it as my author name. I’m also happy to go by Jess.

Age:  Late twenties. (Will I remember to update this when this is no longer true? I guess we’ll find out)

Pronouns: she/her, though I’m fine with they/them if they get used.

Hometown: I was born and raised in East London where I lived until I recently moved abroad.

Education: I failed my high school exams (A Levels in the UK) after getting sick with my chronic illness. I’m doing just fine without them.


  • Listening to the same loud music on repeat
  • Starting craft projects that will take YEARS (currently: a forest cross stitch)
  • Dreaming of adventures & magic
  • Watching cute animal clips (red pandas & cats are everything good in this world)